With a change in the weather and climate, cold, flu and fever are the first to arrive. One flu that has been widely spoken about recently is H3N2.

H3N2 flu is contagious and spreads through droplet infections like COVID-19 and other seasonal flu. You can catch the virus by coming in contact with an infected surface and touching your face, eyes or mouth immediately after.

What Are The Symptoms of H3N2 Flu?

The symptoms of H3N2 flu are very similar to other seasonal flu and include:
Runny or stuffy nose
Sore throat with cough
Body ache

How is H3N2 Flu Diagnosed?

While most doctors can diagnose the H3N2 flu due to its common symptoms with other flu, they may recommend patients undergo lab tests to rule out any other illnesses common during the season.

How is H3N2 Flu Treated?

The treatment for H3N2 flu depends upon the individual’s symptoms and severity. Uncomplicated cases of H3N2 are treated like any other seasonal flu:
Getting plenty of rest Drinking enough fluids (juice, soups, water) to stay hydrated Taking over-the-counter medications to help relieve fever, headache and body pain.


Homeopathy has a very good scope in treating all fevers. Homeopathy takes into account the overall picture of fever totality & disease picture. It takes into account the physical and mental makeup of a person and treats each person individually.
Multiple homoeopathic drugs can help to cure viral fever as well as post-viral cough completely without any distress to patients.
Homeopathic medicines can be best & safest choice to treat viral fevers, in this era of modern medicine. Sweet pills work wonders for kids too.